About Mizuho Leasing


Mizuho Leasing Company, Limited was established in 1969 as a general leasing company under the initiative of The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) and with investment from major companies across Japanese industry.

The company has focused on financing for equipment and other assets through leasing and instalment sales, while also actively growing its operations in Japan and overseas as a comprehensive financial services group serving the business community. In addition to providing finance for capital investment in industrial machinery, IT equipment, medical equipment and other business assets, the company has been expanding its reach into new business areas by proposing a wide range of solutions that address the diverse needs of corporate clients, increasing its presence in the financial sector, and leveraging M&A activities.

In March 2019, in order to achieve further business growth and enhance the corporate value of the Group, the company entered into a capital and business alliance with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and an alliance in the lease financing business with Marubeni Corporation. It subsequently renamed itself as Mizuho Leasing Company, Limited.

As of now, Mizuho Leasing is the only equity-method affiliate in the Mizuho Financial Group, which owns a 23.0% stake. It is one of the leading general leasing entities in Japan with operating assets of 2,580 billion yen as of fiscal year ended March-2023 (2,416 billion yen as of fiscal year ended March-2022).


About Bravia Capital


Bravia Capital, a privately held, single-family office focused on investment opportunities in transportation and logistics businesses, and companies with environmental, social and governance mandates. Its primary focus is on origination, structuring and managing debt & equity investments in transportation, logistics, infrastructure and financial services worldwide, thus connecting the global supply chain from origin to destination. The firm was established in 2000 by Bharat Bhise and is headquartered in New York, with offices in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Seoul, and Hanoi. It has evolved from a structured finance entity to a diversified private equity and special opportunities investment firm with an experienced and qualified team of professionals.

It has its roots in the commercial aircraft financing business in which most of its key senior management has spent several decades. A partnership with Bravia Capital will help Rent Alpha expand into even more asset classes. This will also help us accelerate our growth plans and expanding our reach. The senior management of the company owns the balance of the equity.