Rental allows your business to put its cash to use in income producing areas where the return over time is measurable. We believe it is much better to invest cash in assets that appreciate rather than those that depreciate.

  • Sitting on large cash reserves does not derive any benefit for the shareholder and reduces a company's return on assets. A shareholder could put their money in the bank to achieve the same result and have much more security.
  • It is also important to consider what business your company is in. Where do your core competencies lie? Rent Alpha is in the business of remarketing ex-corporate equipment. Is yours?
  • Additionally, it is very difficult, if not impossible to measure Return on Investment (ROI) from an IT investment or other depreciating assets.
  • Rental also allows cash to be kept on hand as the expense is incurred as the benefits are received; that is, over time.
  • The before and after tax comparison of rental to cash will almost always be favourable to rental.
  • When purchasing with cash you are still faced with the problems associated with ownership; obsolescence, disposal and asset management.

Yes. Using the Rent Alpha’s Exchange Plan you have the flexibility to replace equipment whenever you need to. It is possible for you to exchange or upgrade equipment without any increase in your rental payment, just a proportional increase in the length of your rental period.
To learn more about the Rent Alpha’s Exchange Plan visit our Exchange Plan on products offered.

Yes. At any time during your rental period you can choose to decrease or increase your rental payments. Decreasing your rental payments will generally mean that your payment duration will be extended. Similarly, if you increase your regular rental amount your payment duration will decrease.

You can rent anything from Rent Alpha, except for real estate or registrable employee vehicles. The majority of equipment rented through Rent Alpha is that which becomes obsolete relatively quickly. Equipment such as desktop PC's, laptop's, PABX's and servers all have limited life spans and therefore renting these equipment types will allow you to upgrade or replace them once they have become obsolete. As Rent Alpha is vendor independent you can rent want you want from your chosen supplier. To learn more about renting the equipment you need visit our Why Lease section.

You can easily keep a track of your rental contract and the equipment included in it through using Rent Alpha’s Online Contract Management (OCM). OCM, which is web-based, allows you to view details such as asset type, description, serial number, supplier and invoice. This service also enables you to assign barcodes, users, location and cost centre information to assets within any of your contracts. To learn more about how Online Contract Management can help you keep a track of your assets visit our Online Contract Management section.

Because you source your rental equipment through the supplier of your choice you simply use the warranties or service arrangements that are offered by that supplier. In the case of a fault you deal with your supplier directly. If any of your rental equipment is replaced due to a fault, Rent Alpha should be advised so that our records can be updated.

Rent Alpha prefers quarterly payments that occur on fixed dates because it is much simpler in an administrative sense. No matter how many times and on what dates you draw down under your facility you will still only pay on the same four days each year. This also produces cost savings for us that are passed onto you. Furthermore when you reach End of Term it is administratively easier for you to return the equipment during only 4 occasions in a year rather than a monthly activity.

For the very same reason that you have to keep paying the company you lease your car from when it breaks down. Under Rent Alpha’s arrangement you have the same remedies as if you had have paid cash in the first place. Our Rental Agreement assigns to you all the rights and warranties that we have as owner of the equipment. Rent Alpha does not warrant the equipment or provide a maintenance arrangement. We provide a rental facility on a pay for use scenario and also advise the client that they should maintain our equipment in good working order (fair wear and tear expected). The client can obtain warranty/maintenance cover if desired to ensure equipment is kept in good working order.

The residual values that Rent Alpha assumes are in line with global industry standards. Our marketplace is extremely competitive and disclosing the exact percentages would place us at quite a disadvantage. At any rate, it is the effect that the residual has on your rental payments that should be most important to you, not the percentage amount.

An easy way to describe a residual value in a Rent Alpha’s rental is that it is like having a guaranteed buy back built into the deal but it is delivered to you in the form of lower rental payments. It also means that the amount financed is less than the total price of the equipment. You have use of the full value but are only paying rentals on a portion of that value. The other portion is the amount the equipment owes Rent Alpha at the end of the rental period, the residual value.

To contact a Rent Alpha representative about the implementation of a rental solution simply go to the "Contact Us" section of the site. You can send an email to the posted address or call the listed telephone number.